Things You Must Check before Hiring a Photographer

Photography is my hobby since childhood. I love to capture the story of people through my camera. You will find many photographers in Sydney that can provide you good event photographs. But, what makes me different from them is that I capture something more than a picture through my camera. I capture people’s emotions and stories in a four corner frame. You can say that I am a different level of an event photographer.


The wedding photography of Jack

Let me tell you a story of one my client Jack. After five years of hard work, he is able to establish a good business and finally decided to marry his college love, Jessica. He wanted to make everything perfect for her. So, he planned everything perfectly for the wedding. But, at the last moment, the photographer he hired for his wedding ceremony called and told that he will not be able to come because of some issue that I don’t know. The wedding date is just two days away which is driving him crazy. One of my friends who are also a friend of Jack told me about the whole story. It really stroked my curiosity and I contacted Jack. He looked at me like the God is itself standing in front of him. I promised him that I will do the photo session for his wedding. I always have a very busy schedule but I managed it with my clients because, at that time, Jack’s wedding seemed to me the most interesting story and important event. Finally, the day comes and I took all their wedding photographs. Jack is really happy with my photographs. He got what he wanted and I got one more story to add in my collection books of memories.

Event Photographer

Check these things to avoid falling into such situations

  • Check if the photographer has other attendants to serve you or not if he/she is not able to come.
  • Do not pay the full amount in advance.
  • Make sure you know where they live or the address of their workshop.
  • Talk to their previous clients to know if they have a good or bad history in this profession.

 How to contact us?

You can contact us for an event photographer through the online website In Pixography, customer satisfaction is our first priority. We provide various other kinds of photogrphy’s like wedding photography, christening photography, etc.  To know more, check other online articles also.


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